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Dean and Serena

Ok, so it can sounds weird, but I totally love these two together and I have to write a crossover story with them.
And I made this graphic thing (: There´ll be definitely more!

ds.png picture by Meg_D

please credit if you use


These photos are about 2 or 3 years old. The first one is my lovely sister Iva and then my friends Gabriela and Eva.
It´s taken by Canon camera- not digital, I hate it.

IMG_0016.jpg picture by Meg_D
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Too much

It´s been pretty harsh lately. I spent 5 days in the hospital, because they´d found out that I have almost no blood platelets... Well, it´s better now and it´s going to be ok (I hope at least).
But- at Tuesday our neighbour´s flat burned down, what caused that our flat is full of ugly black smoke everywhere, many things are destroyed and we can´t live there until the redevelopment team clean it up. It´s pretty horrible and stressfull and my mom is totally off... So we are living at mom´s friend from work.
Although- we have to survive! :)